I'm Seeing Doves, Hearing Bells, and Smelling A Whole Lotta LOVE!

Oh, the joys of summer weddings. 
Fresh air.. flowers.. smiles.. shopping for expensive dresses.. 
What? Who said that...
The expensive part should be taken lightly, but the dress shopping ordeal is no joke!
Weddings that take place in 75+ degree weather calls for ultra feminine colors and mod, chic gala styles.
Nicole Bakti is known for the touch of glam and elegance added to every piece she creates. Bakti's Adley Halter Flow Dress features a deep V neckline with a mesh binding, showing a hint of skin without revealing too much.
Larissa Meuhleder has put together a collection of trendy, flirty dresses for the fun-seeking fashionista, no matter where her destination may be. Watch those you love tie the knot in Meuhleder's Miranda Dress, featuring an array of delicate, three dimensional lace flowers. The hemming of the dress is clean, the muted color is sharp, and the floral lace trimming is nothing less than ornate.
You may be thinking, "Has this girl ever experienced hot weather? A long dress in the middle of the summer?" Fear not, for our Issue Open Back Floral Lace/Mesh Gown is a lightweight dress featuring a breathable mesh lining around the torso and intense open back detailing. Although the material feels as light as a feather,
you could distinguish from miles away that this dress is fit for a queen.
Neon green is the most underrated color that fashion has to offer. It makes pale skin GLOW, and tanned skin POP! The electricity of this color is the ticket entry to every summer occasion. Muehleder's Kimberly Lace Drop Dress radiates endless NYC Fashion Week vibes. Intricately placed lace flowers and a "barely there" dropped rear hem line will have you feeling as high fashion as they come.
Kayla Henderson
Reve Boutique

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