RHOM Lisa Hochstein Herve Leger Look Alike Dress

Lisa Hochstein brings the Miami HEAT to her Instagram in Reve's Celebrity Style's Brooke Deep V Neck Dress! 

Save up to $1,000 on this look by opting for a rich quality dress from us, WITHOUT paying the rich price! 

"That dress must've put a dent in your wallet. Is it an authentic?"


Click here to check out this Emerald gem. Also available in Ruby Red.


Kayla Henderson

Reve Boutique

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Lisa Hochstein is the real deal. She is the star of the show with her husband. At a net worth of 20 million she wins hands down. She is not bitter like Lea Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Lea wishes she had a chest like that! The plastic surgery angle seems to work for them and they seem to have a happy marriage. Lisa is a role model for the ladies around the planet! There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery and I am sure Putin would love to have her by his side. Lea stop being Jealous of her lifestyle. Please check out my page. www.francoissagat.com Me and Oliver are looking for a place to stay in Miami!

Francois Sagat April 15, 2019

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