5 Cool Prom 2017 Looks You Have Never Seen Before

As we all know, that season of the year High Schoolers anticipate so much is approaching, Prom 2017! Girls spend so much time looking for the best makeup artists, and most of all for THE dress they have been dreaming about all their High School years for.
We wanted to save you girls some time and bring you FIVE amazing prom  looks that will leave everyone wondering who the celebrity attending prom is, but surprise surprise, it's YOU! 
Jessica Bara White Gaga Crystal Jumpsuit
Who says you can't wear a jumpsuit and a skirt? Take it up a notch and create a wonderful DIY look no one has ever worn to prom before. 
Hi-Lo dresses are always flattering! Want to be rebellious but still keep it formal for Prom? This is the dress for you! 
This Alamour Rozay Evening Gown is for our more mature prom ladies that are ready to show off their amazing curves! 
Nicole Bakti reigns formal wear, and this One Shoulder High Slit Dress just proves why we can never say no to their gowns. This is High Slit perfection! Prom is about showing off you are grown and ready to be an adult, this is the perfect dress to make this statement. 
We did say these were 5 cool looks, and this janique is just the coolest of the cool! This Janique jumpsuit makes you want to leave dresses behind and wear jumpsuits all the time. 

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